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Welcome toThe Island Learning Trust Grow, Achieve, Succeed


Welcome to The Island Learning Trust.


We are committed to creating a learning community in which children are perseverant, resilient risk takers who take responsibility for their learning and develop their critical creative and social abilities fully. We believe that children learn best when learning is: exciting, challenging, creative, collaborative, practical, reflective and meaningful.  Learning should inspire children to ask questions and to wonder.  It should provide them with memorable experiences.  It should develop in them the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, social responsibility, problem solving and reflection.  It should have the highest of expectations of the learners.  It should build on experience and always be purposeful and relevant. We are passionate about celebrating the uniqueness of our learners and our curriculum design reflects this.


We are a community that reaches out into the wider world, caring for and respecting the needs, beliefs and culture of others. Our children blossom into responsible, caring global citizens. Children, staff, governors and parents are rightly very proud of our school and it’s ethos, we hope that this is reflected in all of our work and communications.


Debbie Wheeler and Ryan Driver